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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Answer To The American Crisis

The Answer is Jobs  Jobs will provide millions a paycheck and taxes will accrue and revenue will increase.  Millions will be spent, loosing  pent-up demand.  To meet this demand, employment will have to increase further.  More employment, less unemployment expenses.  Less people on the rolls of government.  Less spending and Less debt.  Less dissatisfied citizens.  America wins.  We all win

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Can America Afford

Our country is in debt. Not only is our government in debt but we as citizens  are in debt
ourselves and the problem is getting worse.

Recent studies have shown that 609.8 million cards are held by U.S. consumers. Each card holder
holds an average of 3 (three) cards. Ninety percent of Americans have at least one credit card
and they are using that card ALOT!!

The average family carries a balance of between $10,000 and $15,000 on all of their credit
cards. Over $1500.00 per family goes on interest every year.  And that's just the average, some
people owe much more.

Overall, consumer debt is 2.43 trillion  793.1 billion is revolving debt of which 98 per cent
is credit card debt.  If debt continues at the current rate, then one family in a hundred will
be forced into bankruptcy.  Over 90 percent of Americans' disposable incomes are spent paying
back debts.

When you add credit card debt to the regular bills we have to pay each month, it can devastate
a pocketbook. which can tax one's mental stability.  As a result, some bills go unpaid and
others are paid late.

Both of these instances can damage your credit, sometimes so much so that you think there's no way
you'll ever be able to get out of debt and live a normal life.(I call it BC, before credit)

The truth is that you can get out of debt and restore your credit to nearly what it was before
you had credit problems. (BC)  It takes some time and a little work on your part but it IS possible.

The secrets of the credit system revealed in this soon to be released powerful and lifechanging
guide.  It's called "Give Yourself Credit Too"   Instead of being a victim, use the system to your
advantage.  It's legal.  It's fast and  it puts you back in the drivers seat.  Oh Yeah, it's a lifetime move.

Loan approvals and such depend on your credit score.  That number is what determines if you can
get credit, what your interest rate will be, and how much money potential lenders will give
you.  This guide spells out where to apply and  what to show and say that is music to the lender's ears. 

A good median score is 750 but the higher your score is, the more financially solid you are.

This guide which some refer to as  the Credit Bible is the great equalizer.  Revealing the truth about the
system and turns the tables on the money changers.  The average man and woman finally has a

There is life after debt.    There is hope for a brighter tommorrow.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fix My Credit Now-You Have Options

One of the most prominent companies that exists today in the field of consumer credit counseling is Curadebt. Curadebt has been providing consumer credit counseling services to clients for years and they have a proven track record for getting people out of debt and on the road towards financial freedom.

Curadebt starts out by analyzing your current financial situation and then developing a personal financial assessment. This includes looking at your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. After they have the big picture, they can start making suggestions on how you can get out of debt and start living your life financially stable and with a good credit record.

Consumer credit counseling services like those offered by Curadebt have become big business and they are a good option for people who have gotten themselves into financial trouble and don’t know how to get out of it.

This company offers a plethora of advice and tools on their website that can help educate you about the bad habits that got you into financial trouble in the first place and then help you take steps to change your spending habits so that the trouble doesn’t continue. Curadebt is one of the first companies to offer these services and they have a great reputation in the financial industry.

Besides offering credit counseling, Curadebt will also offer educational workshops, community partnerships, and financial incentives that can not only teach you about the proper way to use credit, but also how to clean up any messes you’ve made when it comes to your own credit and credit score.

Probably one of the handiest tools on their website – which can be found at general affiliate link:
is the financial worksheets that can help determine your debt to income ratio which can make a difference when you apply for a loan or a line of credit.

See, what the financial institutions look at when they are deciding whether or not to give you a loan is whether or not you will have enough income to make the payments required to repay the loan. If your debt exceeds your income, you won’t get the loan. This can be a very valuable tool as you will be able to look at your debts and try to find ways to cut down and conserve so that your income exceeds your debt instead of the other way around.

Curadebt is a great company that can help people of all walks of life; both those with credit problems as well as those who want to prevent credit problems. Check them out and take advantage of all they have to offer to make your financial statement look as good as it can.

The other option is:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Is A Credit Bureau-Friend Or Foe?

As credit increased throughout the country, there arose a great need to issue reports concerning those who are not a good credit risk as well as those who are of credit worthiness.

Because of this great need, credit reporting agencies were formed several years ago. These agencies, known as credit bureaus, receive information about consumers (such as you) from banks, loan companies, credit card companies, department stores and other credit issuing sources. Credit bureaus earn their profits by giving a computer readout showing a financial profile and credit history of any individual. These reports are requested by a lender or any credit issuing firm from which you or any individual have requested credit.

Most lenders will base their acceptance or rejection of your credit application on the information on your credit report. If your credit report shows that you have been reliable in the past, then in most cases credit is granted. The amount being a determining factor also. However, what if your report reveals that you have had some credit problems in the past? Perhaps you have encountered circumstances beyond your control which made it impossible to meet your personal credit obligation. It happens.

What if your credit report shows that you've defaulted on a particular credit account or you were constantly late with your monthly payments? Or you have co-signed for a 'friend' or relative that leaves you holding the bag. This of course can be most embarrassing but worst, usually leads to credit denial.

There are approximately 2500 credit reporting agencies in the U.S. These agencies sell information about you to banks, department stores, credit card companies, loan companies, etc.

These credit bureaus keep on file information concerning you and your credit but they do not make the final judgment on your credit worthiness. The decision is up to the lender which you have dealt with, to decide who to issue credit. The decision is usually based on information in your report.

You have a right to know what is in your credit report. It is your personal credit file, you should know what information the credit bureau is giving out concerning your name and your credit. If the information is adverse, outdated, or incorrect, it can be changed. For the better

Friend or Foe. Come to your own conclusion.

About the author: Alphonso Smith is a regular writer for GOOD CREDIT MATTERS.  He has great concerns of where, as a country , are we headed,   He begs for your comment or direction.